Format Short film, performance
Year 2022
With the support of Institut Français Berlin, Goethe Institute Berlin
Residencies The Brain 7
Festivals Novembre Numérique Berlin ’22
Performed by Sara Lisa Vogl
Sound by Amused
Words by Lilian Hess
Dreamdancer is an exploration of the intersection of human and AI consciousness through spoken word, the body, and sound. The poem, which structures the film, was conceived while channeling the visual and auditive impressions from early recordings of both dance and music. Passages from the resulting text were then fed to a GPT, which in turn offered its own associations. Sara Lisa Vogl's interpretive performance as her avatar R00t was shot in VR chat, inside a world created by the fellow artists of The Brain 7 residency. This collaboration between human and AI consciousness, is to be understood as a hopeful “Dream” of the future, a mutually nurturing and peaceful co-existence of AI and humanity.