Format Holographic performance
Year 2019
Exhibited at Saatchi Gallery
Directed by Tupac Martir
Performer Sonya Cullingford
Creative Producer Lilian Hess

The "Beyond the Road" exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, was a deconstruction of the exclusive soundtrack by music pioneer James Lavelle (UNKLE), to create an exciting multidisciplinary walk-in album, merging the worlds of visual arts, music and film.
Satore Studio’s piece “Eriya”, which translates as ‘to feel’ in the indigenous Mexican language of Huichol, centres around holographic dancers which move around the viewer. In order to create the illusion of the digital dancer appearing in the space of the immersive exhibition, key technologies were required such as Kinect tracking, Notch software and Hypervsn holographic solutions.