Format Feature documentary
Year 2021

With the support of Université Libre de Bruxelles, KU Leuven, Petzl, Kickstarter
Nominations Rödspoven for Best Documentary at Umeå Film Festival ’22
Festivals Aegean ’21, Friday Harbour ’21, Nature Without Borders ’21, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival ’21, Woodshole ’21, Lift Off Berlin ’22, Frozen Film Festival ’22, Umeå Film Festival ’22
Acquired by Netflix, Waterbear, NHK

Directed and edited by Lilian Hess
Original Score by Alexander Bradley
Producer Franz Maximilian Heindler, Lilian Hess
Cinematography Franz Maximilian Heindler
Graphic ID Lennart Engelmann

A team of nine scientists embark on a journey to Antarctica. Their choice of transport: a small sailboat. This story is an intimately human account of what it means to live and work alongside one another under relentless conditions, set within the wider context of rapidly advancing global change, impending habitat destruction and the current zeitgeist of environmentalism.
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