Lilian Hess is an artist, director, and producer working between Berlin and London. A graduate of the esteemed Goldsmiths University, she holds a BA in Modern Literature and an MFA in Screen Documentary. Her diverse body of work spans film, photography, and immersive formats, with a focus on the politics of the body and personal histories. Lilian’s projects have been showcased at festivals across Europe and the US. Her debut feature, Observations at 65º South, was acquired by Netflix in 2022. In recent years, Lilian has concentrated on the format of Extended Realities (XR), directing and producing acclaimed projects such as Cosmos Within UsOff The Record, Haunted Hotel, and Ekhos. These works have been featured at prestigious festivals, including the Venice Film Festival and the BFI Film Festival, winning numerous awards and garnering industry attention. Her latest artistic installation, Duchampiana, is set to premiere in autumn 2024. Lilian is also an alumna of the prestigious Biennale College and Berlinale Talents programs, further solidifying her reputation as a leading voice in contemporary art and documentary filmmaking.